Beaver Camp June 2018

Posted on 19 June 2018

The Beavers went to Wike campsite for their first camp on their own, and had a great time! Despite a thunderstorm on the Saturday afternoon, the Beavers made bird feeders, built dens, tried some ‘splat art’ – which got spoilt by the rain! – helped collect wood for the fire and played on the campsite’s playground. The tea – sausage and / or fish fingers, mash and beans was demolished – hardly anything was uneaten! – and the hot chocolate and biscuits was also seen off very quickly. On Sunday, the Beavers went down to the stream to see which ‘boat’ would reach the bridge first! They all got wet, but none as wet as Lucas who went in up to his neck! After the Beavers had got dry, they started to pack their gear away before their parents came, and some badges were presented! A great weekend which the Beavers thoroughly enjoyed, and the Leaders were left shattered!

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