Blakedean 2019

Posted on 8 January 2020

The Scout Troop went for its annual Christmas weekend at Blakedean, and as always, had a great time. The main activity over the weekend was the challenge to win ‘Excalibur’, King Arthur’s fabled sword, by brave Knights and the entourages! Throughout Saturday and the Sunday morning, each Knight and their Champion, lords, ladies and squires competed in a series of challenges to increase their ‘strength’ for the final battle on the Sunday. The Challenges included such trials as retrieving dragon’s eggs, making music and unlocking treasure chests; and the strength they gained was translated as to how many pieces they had on the chess board at the start of the final battle, fought between the Knights’ champions! The winner was Lord Alfie, Champion of Sir Nicole, who defeated Lord Noah, and was able to present Excalibur to Queen Donna!


The Christmas dinner was huge success and we were delighted that David, our District Commissioner was able to attend (although he did have to leave early as snow was starting to settle outside) and we had some great evening entertainment of ‘The Chase’ and ‘Bullseye’ – as well as the usual awards ceremony. Miles was awarded ‘Scout of the Year’ – as always, there were other names who could easily have been winners – but Nicole easily won the ‘unsociable behaviour of the year’ award!


A really good time – and an excellent quote from a mother who reported that she expected her son to come home dirty and tired – she didn’t expect him to be wearing 3 pairs of socks and to have won a pair of pliers in ‘Bullseye’! When the Leaders had told Scouts to put on a clean pair of socks . . . .

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