Scout Camp – February

Posted on 27 February 2018

The February camp took place mid week – it was half term and we could not let the opportunity of Pancake night AND Valentine’s Day to be overlooked! Once the Scouts had set the tents up, we set too making pancakes – for over 2 ½ hours pancakes were cooked with a variety of fillings! But it was cold – the golden syrup was like toffee, and it was a struggle to get it out of the tin! The fire warmed everybody up a little, and then it decreed that it was time for bed! The tent doors were like plywood, cracking as they were opened and after a while everyone shut up. I am not sure just how much sleep people got – Lottie had announced before bed that she expected to ‘sleep like a daisy’ – it was presumed from this that the following day she would be as ‘fresh as a log’, which indeed she was. Being St Valentine’s day, the Scouts were awoken to the strains of Europe with ‘The Final Countdown’ (and why not?) followed by Andrea Boccelli and his ‘Romanza’ CD. The lurve continued with Barry White, as eggs were cooked in heart shaped moulds. Regrettably, no-one seemed to get any cards. . . hopefully they were all being delivered to home addresses! And congratulations to Lottie who achieved her  ‘Yorkshire Challenge Gold’, in style!

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