Scout Troop Moonlight Walk

Posted on 8 January 2020

Members of the Scout Troop took part in what was advertised as a ‘Moonlight Sponsored Walk’ – a hike from our Headquarters to Bramhope Campsite after the Friday night meeting – to raise funds for the Group! Moonlight turned out to be the last thing we got on that Friday night in September – for most of the time, the rain lashed down in Biblical amounts! We trudged to Bramhope using woods, paths and tracks where we could, meeting several damp foxes on the way. As we approached the village of Bramhope, the rain intensified to ‘cats and dogs’ – indeed, one of the Scouts stepped in a poodle. At the campsite, Donna had cooked some sausages for some sustenance, then into the pre pitched tents (thanks heavens) although it was like sleeping on a wet sponge. The following morning, the rain again lashed down, but parents came to rescue us around 8.30am, after the tents had been taken down and poured into their bags. Ironically, the weather then brightened and it was lovely day . . . .

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