Scouts Weekend Camp at Madge Hill

Posted on 19 June 2018

The Troop had a great weekend at Madge Hill, near Pateley Bridge, and we were really lucky to have had perfect weather!


Camp was pitched on Friday night, and we used the new tents that we recently acquired with the help of HAVA, a charity based on the Hawksworth, Abbeydale & Vespers Area! Most of the evening was spent exploring, with the area with the tyre and swing proving particularly popular!


On Saturday, the Troop walked to Brimham Rocks – not without problems as the path, at one point, led directly into the Beck, with no obvious crossing! We looked up and down stream for an alternative, but as there wasn’t any we had a fun 10 minutes getting everybody across!  Once across, getting to Brimham Rocks was easy, and once there, the Troop set up the Trangia stoves to make soup or hot chocolate. The Leaders then set up a couple of challenges for the Scouts to complete before they were allowed to head for the refreshment shop – and then we reassembled to invest Ryan into the Troop, which was witnessed by lots of passers by! The walk back to site was by a different way – but not without interest as we met a number of Llamas being taken for a walk (honest!). The Llamas had traditional names – Gary, Dave and Bernie were just three of them – and one of them stopped to inspect the Troop, thought about spitting, but decided to carry on. The request (from the girls) for us to ‘get a Troop Llama’ was ignored


Back at site, the game of ‘Kubb’ was very popular and some of the Scouts set about getting the camp oven going to make chocolate buns.


On Sunday, the early morning fog cleared to leave another very hot day, and the games of ‘Kubb’ began to get serious – Robyn could not believe that Richard knocked her 5 Knights and the King over with just 8 shots – and the bun making continued with some very nice plain buns being produced. After lunch, and a very popular camp made ‘Banoffee Pie’, we began to clear the site with the Scouts trudging up the hill to the gate with all the gear.


A really nice camp with a lot of fun, and one where the younger and newer members of the Troop experienced all the fun of the Scout Troop camp!

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